Kitchen Island is complete!

Yay.  I’m so excited.  Part two of my kitchen project is done.  Here are some before and after shots:

This is the old cabinet I chose to repurpose for my kitchen island.  It’s a mess!

First I had to take of the hardware and wash everything really good.

Then my dear husband spray painted everything.  It wasn’t the best day for spray painting because it was a little breezy.  The paint was blowing in his face.  Not sure how he handled the smell.  What a great guy 🙂

Guess I didn’t take to many pictures after he had finished.  That’s because I was to busy working on the new top.

We bought a large sheet of oak plywood and had the guy at Home Depot cut it into a 32 x 38 piece.  I’ll use the rest for other projects.  I don’t have a router, so I we bought some 3/4 trim for the sides.  I made my  miter cuts and nailed it on with my nail gun.  Then I caulked it, sanded it, primed and painted it.  We chose a cobalt color but it turned out a little lighter than I had invisioned.  I still like it though.



2 responses to “Kitchen Island is complete!

  1. It’s awesome! I’m so impressed by you guys! 🙂

  2. You go girl. I love it. We will see you on HGTV before u know it. Keep up the good work. Claire

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