Farmers table

Now that my cabinets are painted it’s time to tackle my dining room issue. Currently, I have a round table in my dining room. It’s small and my family has outgrown it. I was inspired by a post I had seen on Pinterest for making a farmer’s table. Diana, of, posted a tutorial of a table that she had made using table legs that her dad had made for another table. She made it look pretty easy.

Here is my dining table now:

This is the table in my kitchen.  I’m planning on using the legs on this table for my new farmer’s table:

This table takes up a lot of space in my very small kitchen but if I’m going to dismantle it I’ll need something else, so my thought is to take one of these old cabinets from my basement and turn it into an island.  I think it’s just crazy enough to work.

Either one of these (there are 3 cabinets shown. Don’t judge.  It’s a basement) or:

this old vintage cabinet all of which were left in the house by the previous owner.

Lot’s of work to do.  I’ll keep you posted!


2 responses to “Farmers table

  1. I like the last cabinet best. 😀

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