Ooops :)

A funny thing happened to me in the kitchen this morning. I was making peanut butter cookies with my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter. I was measuring the ingredients and giving them to her to put in the bowl. We turned the mixer on and when all was said and done I removed the attachment from the mixer. I noticed that there was something wrapped around it and pulled it off. No clue as to what this was. I suddenly remember wondering if I had taken all of the wrapper off the butter. That must be it. As I was doing that I kept finding thick, long strands of something in the batter. It looked to me like papertowel. Then it dawned on me. When I store my brown sugar I put a wet papertowel in the bag. I had forgotten to take it out and obviously dumped it into the cookie dough. We ended up throwing most of the batter away. I had already cooked one dozen, so my husband will have to eat them at his own risk. We’ll try again tomorrow.


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