Painting the kitchen cabinets…finally!

Can I just say that I love Pinterest!  What a great idea.  I wish I had thought of it.  Hmmm…even if I had I probably wouldn’t have done anything about it.  That’s the problem.  Great ideas but to afraid to do them.  It takes me forever to put my creative juices in motion. That’s going to change though.  I’m determined to conquer my demons and start doing all the projects I have been thinking about but putting off  In fact, I’ve already begun this new mission of mine.  Yay me!

We bought our house nine years ago and though it was in move in condition I needed to make it ours.  Slowly but surely changes are happening.  When I say slowly, I mean sssslllloooowwwwlllyyyy.  Down came the previous owners curtains, up came the carpet in the kitchen, out came the paint.  I gave my bathroom and two bedrooms a makeover, turning one of them into a nursery for my granddaughters.  I’ve made some improvements but I want them to happen faster.  Every room with the exception of two were wallpapered…including the ceilings Augh!

Two weeks ago I started painting my kitchen cabinets.  So far so good.

(I forgot to take a before picture before removing the door/hardware and starting to prime. More pictures to follow)


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